Alerts are sent out to everyone in the membership connected to the network.

To send out an alert you must be connected as a trusted partner organization.  Only trusted partner organizations can send alerts.  If you would like to send alerts, please register your organization.  If you are someone who needs help, please connect with one of our local partner organizations.

Here are the instructions to send an alert.  

1. Navigate to your network

2. Click on Sign In from the menu

3. Use your username and password to sign in

4. From Dashboard, locate your organization under Organization Admin.

5. Click ‘Send an Alert’.

6. Fill out the form, Title and Description, Your First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email should be filled out. If it is not, please fill those fields out.

7. There is a checkbox on the top of the page, Check the box if you would like the alert sent out immediately.

8. Press the submit button.

That's all there is to it.